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Phil Steele MSc, BA(HONS) is the face behind The MindPT. After 15 years working in Senior Management at Very & Littlewoods financial services and retail he made a dramatic change and took the leap to start a new life.

Lockdown, quarantine, downtime…however you want to phrase it we are under a form of isolation. So lets reframe it, reframe it to something else, that something being the word…

Wait, before I share the word we should refer to this period of time as let me share with you what it means to reframe.

To reframe is to approach a thought, feeling, situation or perspective in another light. Frame it in positive light, a more endearing way. 

For example: you are driving and a little ‘boy racer’ cuts you off! 

Maybe as he drives past you and cuts in in his modified red Corsa with flashing blue lights in his rear window and Wigan Pier music blasting out you get angry or frustrated as you enter the primal part of your mind called fight to flight.

And yet…

What if you reframed it? What if you looked at this situation in a different way? 

What if he cut you off because… his elderly relative was critically ill in hospital and he was off to visit them?

What if he cut you off because… his partner was about to give birth so he was rushing to meet his new baby?

What if he cut you off because… he had eaten something dodgy the night before and desperately needed to find a toilet!?

All of these perspectives would make you feel different. That is the power of reframing.

Another real life example from a client of mine was when I helped her reframe the situation they had found themselves in when their abusive partner left leaving thousands of pounds worth of debt. The client was close to being suicidal and when I asked exactly why she was sad her long list included the absuive actions, behaviours, words that her ex subjected her too, and then the debt he had ran up in her name on credit cards and loans. The debt was around £10,000!

And then we reframed it..  I read out the list of things that made her sad, and finally, I said how amazing it was that for JUST £10,000 she would never have to put up with his abuse anymore! The client stopped crying, and then paused, and then it happened: the biggest smile I have ever seen! She got her mojo back.

That, readers is reframing, and that you have the power and ability at any moment to reframe your situation. 

Therefore rather than calling this period of time isolation, how about we call it i-solution?

Use this time, or this moment of being at home to ground yourself to reflect on your life, dissect your suffering, shape your dreams and goals.

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