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What will happen to this KHYA Website?

The final classes have now been uploaded to this website as we transition to the App please note there will be no more content added to this website.

What will happen to my current KHYA subscription?

When you sign up to the app we will automatically cancel your subscription to this website.

What is the difference between this website and the app?

The name is now Paris Yoga Wellness App and is more user friendly than this website and allows you to practice anywhere.

Do I have a choice?

All future online classes will be via the Paris yoga Wellness app to streamline everything there will be no more classes added to this website.

Why did you change the name?

When I started this website, I didn’t anticipate how well received the classes would be. Having the website, the same name as the studio has caused some confusion so when I decided to develop this App I really wanted it to have its own Identity and embody everything that comes across in my classes Paris Yoga wellness App will be a place for you to practice even when the studio re- opens.

When will KHYA studio re- open?

We are still unsure when we will be able to open our doors at KHYA, safety is paramount and although we can’t wait to re-open and practice together again we have to take a lot of things into consideration, please bare with us and know that we will update you as soon as we have a date.

How often will there be new classes on the app?

Every month there will be a new catalogue of classes for you to enjoy!

Why should I sign up to the app?

Investing in this app is something I never dreamed I would be doing a few months ago but due to your support and encouragement it’s something I’ve poured so much passion and devotion into making and I would love to have you all with me on this journey.

Transition to the app?

We want to take the hassle out of this and make it as smooth as possible for you so don’t worry if you sign up to the app we will automatically cancel your subscription.

What’s new on the app?

In addition to Yoga & Guided Mediations there will be a Podcast and a Vlog exploring all things wellness.

Do I have to pay extra for these?

No unlike the website there is just one price that unlocks unlimited access to everything on the app. For my Barre babes A Special Ballet barre Sculpt series I am developing will also be added at a later date!

Can I sign up to the app and keep my KHYA subscription?

Of course if you are enjoying your daily practice and like the classes as they are that makes me so happy, but just so you are aware all future classes will be added to the app.

Can you sign me up to the app?

No but here’s the link. Let us know if you run into any issues we are here to help. Apple App Store Google Play Store

Can you sort out my payment on the app?

As the app store is linked to your bank account, we cannot but if you run into any difficulties, we are here to make the transition as smooth as possible so just let us know so excited to have you with us on this journey!

So what do I do now?

Simply hit the link below it will take you directly to App Store and once you’ve downloaded the app you can enjoy the brand new classes I’ve filmed. Apple App Store Google Play Store